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An exaggerated reality hover car racing game

...coming Summer 2016!

I am quite the fan of the exaggerated reality racing genre. The two most influencial games in this make-believe category that I just created are Wipeout and TrackMania. TrackMania Turbo was recently launched and the disappointing PC release has motivated me to create an exaggerated reality racing game of my own. Please allow myself to introduce to you...HoverMania...a Hover Car style racing game designed from the ground up to be a nearly identical copy of TrackMania, only with hover cars, and top down 2D graphics...so not really like TrackMania at all other than being a racing game. (The WipEout parts of this quasi-clone will come later :P).

I think the timing of my little project here on Itch to be perfect as we all need a GREAT racing game just in time for summer 2016. I will be starting out this title as a solid single player racer vs track game. Once all the basic mechanics are in place things like a track editor will be introduced basically creating unlimited racing potential. After the track editor comes multiplayer gameplay excellence rivaling its own inspirational masterpiece, TrackMania.

From the beginning I am designing this title to be fun above all else. It's simplistic design goes a long way toward this goal. There are to be initially only 5 parts to the game. The hover car, the starting line, the finish line, checkpoints and walls (for those familiar with my Twitch stream...Pillars will be added later :P). These 5 objects combined are clearly the main ingrediants needed to create a fun and engaging racing game that fans of all ages will enjoy.

Another aspect of game creation that really helps solidify a title is community interaction. That is exactly why I plan on streaming as much of the development of this game as I can to my Twitch channel twitch.tv/gektek. This way there is ALWAYS an open line of communication between the developer (myself) and the games fans (you *wink*). Ask questions. Request features. Report bugs. Share stories of excitement and fun. BE a part of OUR game :D

I am a new independent developer looking to begin creating interactive multimedia entertainment products for the masses. Thank you for taking the time to read this. <3


  • Basic Movement and Control / 25%
  • Initial Objects and Interactions / 10%
  • Game Timers and Basic Record Keeping / 0%
  • Graphics / 1%
  • Sound Effects / 0%
  • Track Editor / 1%
  • Basic Multiplayer / 0%
  • Player Statistics and High Score Website / 0%
  • Polished Track Submission / 0%
  • Polished Movement and Control / 0%
  • Polished Objects and Interactions / 0%
  • Polished Multiplayer / 0%
  • ...and more TBA!


Average sessionA few minutes


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